4-18-2008 Friday Round-Up

Happy Friday!
*Get-to-Know-me-image-of-the-week: My boyfriend, Scott and I, went to  the Antelope Valley to hike and see the wildflowers and poppies that bloom for only two weeks every year.  It was amazing and gorgeous, a little chilly, but totally worth the drive (when I posted my what I do everyday post, many parents emailed me worried I did not have enough fun or get out enough–I try!!) If you want to see more pics just friend me on Facebook.

Remember to submit your favorite parent podcasters or radio shows this week to me via email!  I hope you enjoy the posts from this week.  I have been writing a fair amount, but have been swamped because I am in the process of seriously looking for a book agent/publisher, but I promise to keep the articles coming, let me know if you know anyone!

25 Coolest Websites for Non-Techies
MOM this post is for you (I wrote this article with her in mind) many parents miss some great free websites that will make their lives so much easier.  So, here I did an easy guide with links and explanations so you can be cooler than your kids = )    (this post got over 3000 hits this week hooray!)

4-16-2008 News Summary for Parents
Overweight problem in schools, texting is dangerous, teen dating abuse, Ashlee Simpson pregnant, new kids on the block, parent coaches and more.

Prom Checklist and Tips for Teens and Parents
Its that time for junior and senior parents to start thinking about Prom.  Here is a good checklist for any parents who are dealing with teens and High School dances.  I also have a podcast recorded for you to listen to on this topic with Aurelia Williams.

Make Your Neighborhood Safe
Guest post by Stephanie Mann on how to keep your kids and neighborhood safe.  Advice on forming committees and things you would not think about, but need to keep your area of residence secure.

You’re Grounded Book Promo
If you haven’t read about or heard about my book yet, I thought I would do a video of a mini promo of what the book is about, what could possibly have motivated a teen to write a book at 17 and a little taste of whats inside.

Best Free Online Resources for Students
Kids and students now are using the Internet for everything. Here are some of my favorite sites, with great tips and tricks from how to take notes, cramming for tests and organizing your back pack.  Take a look and forward it on to some of you kids or teacher friends!

If you are doing the summer fit challenge with me, remember to keep your teens and family healthy and active: follow my progress here.

Happy Pesach for those of you who celebrate!


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