4-23-2008 News Summary for Parents

Wow, disturbing PSA about Aids (thank you YPulse!)


Breaking News

NYT: Cyberfamilies Doing the Campus Hop Virtual College Tours

MSNBC: Virtual Reality Helps Kids With Autism

Night Clubs for Kids

Articles of Interest

Newsweek: New picture book to help mothers explain plastic surgery to their kids….ew.

Here Comes Miss Teen Africa

Funny Confessions of a Modern Mom (MSNBC)

Radio Disney Goes to Mobile and Markets to Tweens

Digital Trends: Texting Improves Teen/Parent Relationships

Camp for Parents

Socrato: Crowd Sourcing for Test Preparation–talk about Academic 2.0

Catholic Church Using Technology to Reach Youth (thank you YPulse)

My Picks of the Week

I love Upfront Magazine run by editor, Elliot Rebhun, which is a national news magazine for teenagers. I would love to help them with their message, I think what they do is great!

Jewish Big Brother and Sister Organization I am very much considering volunteering with them, I think they have a great program.

Teen Pregnancy Is Not Fun


I was interviewed on TWIT TV’s Jumping Monkeys!

I was also on Divorcing Daze Podcast talking about my divorced background and family.


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