Teen Poetry Jam

I dream to be more

Than just me

I want to be more

I shape my future

And my dream is

To be able to dream

As big as my

Hearts desire

By Rosy Garcia

Many of you know that I am incredibly passionate about inspiring young girls that they can make a difference, especially those who are not as fortunate.  So, I hope you will indulge me a little and let me show off what these amazing girls have produced.

Sunday, I went to Step Up Women Network’s Teen Poetry/Spoken Word Performance Anthology.  It was truly inspiring.  I am a part of the SUWN network and many members go into high schools in underserved communities and educate girls to go to college, dream big and work hard to better themselves.  I have done programs with the parents, and this was the culmination of a 12 week poetry class that the girls in the program participated in.

The program challenges girls to overcome the numerous barriers they encounter everyday such as gang violence, gender stereotypes, and living in impoverished neighborhoods.  SUWN run programs on everythng including free SAT prep, photojournalism, nutrition and health, college tours and even career development.

Two things struck me on Sunday.  The first was that I am so so so proud of these girls for getting up on stage and sharing some very personal writings and stories.  A few of the girls actually had to leave and come back on stage because they were so nervous and the audience cheered them on! The poems they wrote covered some of the violence and hardship they have been through, but many of them were about hoping, dreaming and even inspiring others.  Many of the poems were written to inspire other girls to dream big and work hard.

The second thing that made me smile was watching the parents in the audience.  Many of the parents there had never seen their daughters performing on stage and had come a long way to see their daughters thrive.  They were so happy and proud and the whole room was supportive of these girls.

A few more of my favorites:


Big car, big house, big dog

I dream…

Of success but happiness

Of helping and not hurting

I dream…

Today, tomorrow, forever

Never will stop

I dream…

but act as well

Dreams without action are meaningless

Get educated and act!

by Jocelyn Hernandez

Who I am

I am a bright strong

black young woman

full of dreams I was

raised to be

a very humble

sweet and creative

young woman

Inside and


by Mynesha Gray

Dream big, work hard and you will get there,



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