4-25-2008 Friday Round Up

Get-to-know-me-thing-of-the-week: My favorite YouTube video ever.


Why Do Teens Drink? I include a survey and some statistics that I think many parents would find extremely interesting about why teens like–and worry about when it comes to underage drinking.

Teen Poetry Jam I attended the most amazing spoken word anthology from under-privileged girls and was so touched by their courage, power and the poems they wrote.

8 Ways to Teach Your Kids to Save Money I participated in the Youth Media Blog a Thon to raise awareness for teens and the recession. Some easy ways to teach your kids to cut back.

4-23-2008 News Summary for Parents Autism, Kids night clubs, AIDS PSA, Miss Teen Africa, Online Test Preparation.

Help Tackling Cyberbullying This is Part II of some of the new trends in Cyberbullying and what parents can do about it.

My Daughter Dresses Inappropriately Are you worried about promiscuity, low cut tops and low slung pants. Here I have a video and talk about some tips for dealing with fashion-knowing daughters.

10 Movies to Recommend to Teens Before They Were Born Awesome and fun guest post!

My Summer Challenge with 02 Max Fitness: (excerpt) At first, I panicked…a bruise? a torn tendon? a heinous and deadly growth of some sort? Then I realized, no it was a…a…muscle…? To be honest, I have never really had any muscles. Well, my doctor would say I did, they were just under a squishy and comfortable layer of baby padding…

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  1. Steve
    April 25, 2008 at 9:42 am #

    One of my favorite videos too. Have you seen this one? As a former drummer, I find it particularly amazing…

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