Sponsor of the Week: Mia Redrick

This week I have a fabulous blog sponsor: Mia Redrick, the author of “Time for mom-ME.”

It is a realistic, no-nonsense resource for mothers—with lessons and tips for finding time. She gives essential Self-care Strategies for Mothers.

Mia Redrick is a popular speaker and personal coach who is an advocate for mothers who are trying to incorporate balance and self-care into their lives. She is the founder and CEO of Finding Definitions, an authority web community that teaches mothers how to:
• Dream Big
• Live Fully
• Be Healthy
• Personally Grow

Mia’s Mission Statement: “Finding Definitions’ mission is to help moms, Dream Big, Live Fully, Be Healthy and Personally Grow. I created this company to help busy mothers balance the rigors of parenting with strategies for finding personal time.

My company provides moms with the educational, coaching, networking resources necessary to maintain ones own personal growth throughout motherhood. Finding Definitions, LLC is the premier resource for mothers.”

How great is her mission!?

I have just recently started to take sponsors onto my blog. I always make sure my blog sponsors fit in with my message of helping parents, teachers, educators to connect with their kids or support youth in positive ways. When Mia contacted me I was delighted to accept her as a sponsor and talk all about her websites, books and coaching services.

If you are a blogger, coach, author or company and would like to sponsor my blog or a newsletter please contact me! If I think my readers would love your message/product/service then we might be a perfect team!

Advertise With Me! or email me manager@scienceofpeople.com

I will be featuring Mia in all my posts this week, on Stumbleupon, Twitter and in my Newsletters! I am so excited to be promoting her and her message!

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