5-2-2008 Friday Round Up

Sometimes I feel like reading posts can be boring, so I decided to make a video with some background music for you (with a little dancing thrown in) also I wrote my post listening to this song…so its like a big circle! yippeee. Enjoy the music and enjoy the posts from the week:


Before you start clicking around, may I ask a big favor? Will you please vote for me in the Bloggers Choice Awards for Best Parenting Blog. It takes just a few seconds to log-in, I would really, really, really appreciate it, here is the link. Thank you. (you are more than welcome to mention your submissions for people to vote on in the comments, the more link love the better!)

Best Parenting Podcasts Everyone should have a few favorite podcasts. Whether you have an ipod or not. These are great for morning commutes, I listen to them while I cook, clean-up my room and stuff. I have got some fabulous ones listed! (I might be biased though)

Parents Who Party Do you know parents who buy their kids alcohol, or smoke with them? Here I talk about these partying parents and the different levels of inappropriateness.

How to Get Youth to Realize Teen Pregnancy is a Real Threat I think this is a really important subject and talk about the issue as well as some facts in a video. I also give an overview of the factors that make teens think they are immune to pregnancy and STDs.

4-30-2008 Parent News Summary Oh yes, the most hilarious video of the week about homeschooling (a must see) as well as a video from the Midwest Teen Sex Show very popular with teens, Gossip Girl (OMFG), Summer Jobs, Miley Cyrus, the new legal Marijuana (teen trend).

Are Girls More Competitive Than Boys? Guest post by Linda Sherman about gender roles and how boys and girls work differently.

Sponsor of the Week: Mia Redrick author of “Time for Mom-ME” which I love. I am now taking sponsors where fellow bloggers, products, services, companies can sponsor a week’s worth of post for lots of exposure and a review by me!

Announcement: I am traveling starting tonight May 2th-May 11th. DON’T WORRY! My blog will still have plenty of posts and I will still be moderating and Twittering. But still…don’t go crazy while I am gone my comment response time might increase from 30 min to a few hours (heaven forbid lol). It is my BIRDLE DIRDLE on Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Birthday for those of you who do not know Vanessa Language). Yes I will be the ripe old 23 on Cinco De Mayo.

This week’s On Teens Today blog sponsor is Mia Redrick of Finding Definitions. Mia‘s book, “Time for mom-ME” is your essential guide for surviving motherhood. She spells out the five elemental cornerstones for creating a balanced, self-defined life. They are:
• Personal Growth
• Finding Time
• Finding Meaning
• Finding Connections
• Finding Solutions

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  1. Aaron Huey
    May 2, 2008 at 10:30 am #

    I love it ! I’m new to the blogosphere and finding a website like yours is like discovering a goldmine. Thank you for the wealth of information that you have provided here!

  2. Vanessa
    May 2, 2008 at 10:34 am #

    hey aaron!

    thanks a bunch, how nice. I am so glad you like it and write lots and lots of articles and recommend other sites like mine, stay tuned, spread the word!

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