5-7-2008 Parent News Summary

YouTube Video of the Week:

Ok, don’t get mad.  First watch this one: (awful and boring)


Kids took it upon themselves to make this one in response.  EXPLICIT

I think it really is very blunt about issues teens are thinking about and worrying about.  If parents do not address it…they will.


Breaking News

MSNBC: With intruders just feet away, teen texts for help A teenage girl is shaken, but otherwise fine, after hiding under the covers of her bed while two intruders walked around her bedroom looking for things to steal. She remained calm and summoned help by using her cell phone to text message her mother – even as the burglars sat on the edge of her bed.

Top 100 Family Campgrounds Announced

Children Are Safer With Biological Parents

Articles of Interest

WSJ: Stay at Home Moms Fill Executive Niche

37% of Teens Text While Driving I really try not to… (thanks Ypulse)

New Eye Tracking Allows Video Games to be Played Without Hands!

WSJ: Hook-Up or Shut-Up

Study Links Autism with Parent’s Mental Illness

School Violence Article

The Burden of the College Admissions Process (my clients are really feeling it)

Picks of the Week

Awful: Real Teen Secrets Teen confessions, teen gossip. There seems to be no moderation or admin controlling what is said or reputation damage control.

Delight.com Awesome awesome shopping and women’s website, I got my Mother’s Day gifts here.

Report on Teen Social Networks: A little dry, but some good observations.

My Ebook: The Dirt E-Secrets of An Internet Kid launching next week…

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