Girl Uses YouTube to Talk About Her Rape


Breaking News reported here at CNN. Orange County, FL teen named Crystal confesses on YouTube she has been taped and needs help because the Orange Country courts have dropped her case.

Crystal is looking for comfort, she is looking for help, but is she divulging too much information?

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  1. WeRLegion
    May 17, 2008 at 2:57 am #

    Read up on the official documents to her case: She states she had an ongoing sexual relationship, she states she gave consent every time and she states she took the drugs herself and that regularily.

    Don’t believe everything. Always ask.

  2. Realistic Mother
    June 22, 2008 at 11:23 pm #

    Actually, it’s not that simple. I went to, expecting the story to be totally debunked. Instead, I found an even more disturbing story.

    The girl was 15, met a 22 or 23 year old guy at a party. She said, in her statement, she wanted a guy in her life, because her “mom’s boyfriends were never there for me. And my dad wasn’t there.” She thought that this guy, being older, would treat her with respect. “But it didn’t go like that.”

    When she first meets him she has been drinking and refuses any more alcohol. He keeps pouring her shots anyway, and coming on to her, and asking her if she wants to go lie down. He knew she was 15.

    Right there, that’s pretty bad – pouring more drinks for a drunk 15 year old who has already said she had enough.

    Later, she is asleep and wakes up to him removing her pants. He asks if she wants to have sex and she says, no, but he keeps asking and finally she agrees. Remember, she is 15 and has had way too much to drink. She says he has to use a condom, but he ends up taking it off and having unsafe sex with her.

    Yes, she agreed, basically, to have sex with him, but she was drunk, she was 15, and she was girl, hoping that this older guy might give her the love she didn’t get from her dad or mom or mom’s boyfriendS (plural). That seems to me like she’s really being taken advantage of.

    The “relationship goes on for a month or so. She turns 16. He regularly supplies her with booze, coke, and other drugs and she doesn;t think there were any sexual activities when she wasn’t drunk and/or high. When the police officer doubts this girl says maybe there were two times, but she doubts it because the stuff was always there.

    She says that every time he wanted to have sex, she asked if he was sure he wasn’t going to cheat on her. He says he loves her.

    About a month later he tells her he’s done with her and is going to have sex with another girl right in front of her. She gets upset, and then he and his sister threaten her- say they will burn down her house, kill her mother, if she ever tells the police that he slept with her.

    The police officer says that, basically the two of them were boyfriend/girlfriend until he broke up with her, and that’s why she’s mad. The girl tries to explain that’s not really it. The officer clearly already has an opinion.

    The girl tells her mom, who just says, “He’s 23, you were 15. What do you THINK he wanted with you?”

    Somehow her absent father returns and she goes to live with him, after years of no contact. He is the one that brings her to the police.

    The prosecutor wrote an email to a colleague saying she guesses she has to prosecute, even though she doesn’t want to.

    She says the girl was ALMOST 15, and she comes from that sort of druggy lifestyle anyway, that’s what her mother’s like. And besides the girl consented. And she says she can’t understand WHY the father wants to prosecute.

    So, in the end, this prosecutor, all of 23 years old, decides to drop the case.

    That’s why the girl is crying in the video.

    The whole idea behind statutory rape is that someone that young is not CAPABLE of consenting to sex with an adult. And here’s this guy plying her with booze and drugs, and being insistent about sex. Turns out he’s already been with at least 2 other teenage girls, one of whom was 15 .

    But because she was ALMOST 15, and because she came from a druggy family, the prosecutor thought it just didn’t matter.

    I think that’s pretty sad.

    So in this case, didn’t disprove the story, it made it an even STRONGER story. And a really really sad one.

  3. Vanessa
    June 23, 2008 at 9:03 am #


    realistic mother, thank you for this addition and update!

  4. Anna
    February 1, 2009 at 9:23 am #

    What message is the legal sending to other preditators out there? Its okay pick on A child that has this girls profile? Come do what is right let there be justice for this child.

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