5-16-2008 Friday Round-Up

Happy Friday!

I am back from my trip.

Get-to-know-me-image of the week: me Kayaking in the marshes while I was gone hoorah and I find that time away is a great time for me to brainstorm form my business Scott took a picture of my ‘workspace’ (I like the floor with two stacks of post-its, yellow paper, white paper, markers and pencils).

My Favorite Things About Moms In honor of mothers day, I wrote my own Ode to mothers.

4 Tips When Tweens Start Wearing Make-Up A guest post on how to teach your teen or tween to wear make-up appropriate for their age and make it still look natural.

6 Unique Strategies for Divorced Families Here I give some new and unheard of tips for divorced and single parents.

Teaching Your Teen How to Drink Oh boy, this one was controversial. Here are some ways that teens can deal with alcohol at parties including taking fake shots, losing your drink and feeding the plants, tell me what you think!

5-14-2008 News Summary for Parents Sexting, skimpy prom dress is illegal, posting on Facebook can now be illegal, safer earbuds, 10 Deadliest Cities for teen drivers, Lindsay Lohan, College Essays…

My Mom Joined JDate: When Parents Date Yes, its true–welcome too short men, more kvetching and lots of internet questions into my life. Here is my funny, and ridiculous account thus far.

Check out Vanessa’s Virtual Summer Tracks for 5th-12th graders! Get a head start on the school year and give your kids the skills they need to succeed! More info here.

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