Why I Didn’t Go Into Investment Banking

This is part of my “Operation Oprah” series to start a business on my allowance and tell my story through videos and blog posts. By depicting my comic and sometimes exasperating struggles, successes and tactics to get on Oprah, publish a series of teen-parent books as a teen entrepreneur, I want to prove that teens can reach the top from nothing.

I did a guest post for Daisy Swan’s Career Coaching blog about what made me decide to turn down an investment banking job senior year in favor of starting my own business, for your enjoyment:

I was on the ‘perfect track’. Was student body president of a difficult Los Angeles private school. Got accepted into a top 20 University and became a Mandarin and East Asian Studies major before the wave hit–- everyone was in desperate need of white female Asia specialists. Wrote an honors thesis and graduated Magna Cum Laude.

I had a bid from a top investment banking firm in New York—everything was perfect. It was not until my parents were filming me with the family video camera on graduation day: “how do you feel!? Are you excited? Sad the best years of your life are ending!?”

How did I feel?

Are you excited?

Sad the best years of your life are ending?!
Those were the best years of my life…oh my god, I just realized, I hated college.

I did hate college—but I didn’t realize it until graduation day. That’s when I knew I was on the wrong track. I wrote a thesis because that is what I thought you were supposed to do, I was a Mandarin major because it ‘was the golden ticket into any job you want’ and it sounded impressive. I realized it was so shallow.

I’ll spare you the details of my obnoxious meltdown and subsequent soul searching melodrama and fill you in briefly to the first part of the story. When I was in High School I did get into some trouble, nothing serious, a little boy crazy that’s all, had trouble with the whole curfew thing. HARD TRANSITION In that time, I decided that all of the parenting books out there had to be doing everything wrong because all of my friends were doing dumb things and hated their parents.


read the rest on Daisy’s blog here.

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