5-30-2008 Links from the Week

This weekend I am at the BEA Book Expo America scouting for books to review for my site and looking for a book agent/publisher for my next book! Email me if you are going!

How to Camp with Teens Tips, supplies and how to get a surly teen into the wilderness

How to Be a Sports Family: 20 Do’s and Don’ts Great guest post on how to support your athletic kids!

4 Parent Hacks for a Nag-less Morning Routine Is your morning before school a warzone?  Here are my strategies to make the breakfast/wake-up/lunch pack more pleasant.

Why I Didn’t Go Into Investment Banking My article for Operation Oprah on why I chose to start my own business and leave my Chinese major behind.

10 Ways to Make Your Kids Neurotic “Because I said so…” Interviewing for pain and more fun ones, add your additions in the comments = )

5-28-2008 News for Parents Harry Potter actor dies, lunch is a required class, mom and daughter climb Everest, Summer reading list, viral video of the week funny!

How Sweet Kids Can Become So Moody Interview with parenting expert Annie Fox

Now available! The Dirt E-Secrets of an Internet Kid an ebook by Vanessa Van Petten. Find out what kids are doing online, on cell phones and on social networks. Stay a step ahead of your kids by learning from them! How to set privacy settings, manage aim, view a private MySpace page and much, much more!

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