This Week’s Sponsor: Smile Therapy

My fabulous sponsor this week is smile-therapy! I absolutely love this website–a great idea by creator Tim Smith.

“The concept of smile-therapy has been in the works since the mid 90’s. Its very simple. The founder, T.A. Smith got so sick and tired of the negative news in the media (TV, radio, newspapers). Is there anything good going on? The answer is: there is plenty. And the simple question came up… CAN PEOPLE USE MORE GOOD NEWS IN THEIR LIFE?

Following that, question two came up….what if we took everyone’s ideas and wisdom that they knew worked for them, and made a massive library of valuable ideas, wisdom, information and tips

So, if you combine:
Delivering good news and positive energy
Access to great ideas, wisdom, information and tips
You get!

We are all about delivering good news. If it’s fun, exciting, humorous, uplifting, encouraging or motivating, you’ll find it here. We thrive on POSITIVE ENERGY.”

When I was first introduced to Tim’s website I was really floored by the idea of just creating something incredibly psitive that is all about making other people smile and sharing happy ideas and news.  Teens worry a lot, parents worry a lot, we worry a lot–what can be better than a website simply dedicated to bringing you emails that make you smile!

Definitely try the Free 10 Day Trial and consider wondering around on Smile Therapy to find all of the wondrous resources Tim has.

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