6 Tips For Parents: Help Your 20 Something Get A Job

A Video Resume:


Most of my friends do not have jobs, do not plan on getting jobs and have no idea what they would do even if they wanted to get a job.

I am 23 and my parents had to hold it together while I started my own business and tried to explain to them what a pro-blogger does. I am finally moving out, so now I can write this post = ). How do you give your 20 something/ college grad the job search edge? Here are few tips.

1. Be Tough

I hate saying this, but sometimes we just need someone to kick us in the butt. Set some deadlines for move out, get guidelines for allowance and set your boundaries…maybe you have dealt with us long enough.

2. Don’t Nag Us

We hate hearing what do and many of my friends feel like they are being nagged, and our tendency when you nag us is to just not do whatever you are asking for. There is a fine line between bringing it up conversationally and constant reminders

3. Let Us Do Something We Love

I know this one is rough too. We are young, if we have a burning desire to play guitar or open a pizza joint (Desperate Housewives anyone!?) then let us try it now–as long as you set deadlines and guidelines, like ‘this is a loan,’ or ‘you can live at home until December 2008, if you have not started making income by then you will have to try something else.’

4. Get Familiar With Online Job Search Tools

Many parents talk to us and are quite oblivious to the changes in the job search world. Please think about some other ways your child can get their resume out there and feel free to show them this post.

LinkedIn A fabulous social network to build relationships, connect with contacts and look for job postings. (Be sure to add me as a connection Vanessa Van Petten)

Craigslist Many people find great job postings on Craigslist or other bulletin board sites.


The Riley Guide Employment Resources Online

5. Get Creative

The video resume above is obviously a joke, but maybe your kid needs an extra creative push if he or she has been applying to jobs wihtout much success. Have them start a blog, make a vlog or video resume!

6. Offer to Proof-Read, but Don’t Call HR

Mom’s cannot and should not be calling HR for any reason. I have been advising a few companies on working with Millenials and generation Y in the work place and they have complained that mothers and fathers will come in with their kids in the waiting room while being interviewed, call HR when their child does or does not get the job and will send letters of recommendation! Please DON’T DO THIS!

All around, be supportive, show them you love them and give them some time to find their way, we are overwhelmed when we just get out of school!

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