6-4-2008 News for Parents


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Polygamy Photos Surface

Articles of Interest

WSJ: High Schools Academic Pressure

Micheal Krasny (has an amazing show on NPR) just did a show called the Psychology of Social Networking which is fabulous, I have been trying to email him show ideas…alas, not yet made contact (but still a great show).

Newsweek: Meditation in Schools

Miley Cyrus’ First Kiss Worth 150K Is She the Knew Britney?

Film on Cyberbullying (thanks YPulse!)

Vanessa’s Picks

The O Teen Ambassador Program

Love this Story about Youth Mediators, I am very interested in doing something like this here!

Top Ten Cars Teens Want

Etsy Cool site for your crafty people. I just discovered it last week and was telling some of my girl clients about it for selling some of their stuff.

Every two weeks or so I have a show with Momscoop podcast discussing current parents news. Check out the show from last week.

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  1. katy
    June 4, 2008 at 12:52 pm #

    Have you seen http://www.deviantart.com/?
    My girls are artsy, and they’ve been posting there. A great community for the artsy/crafty types.

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