06-06-2008 My Posts From the Week

Hello Everyone!

Ummmm Yes, that is what you think it is! They unveiled the cover of the fourth Twilight book at the Book Expo America and I was able to sneak a picture for you guys!

20 Teen and Tween Conversation Starters Having trouble talking to your kids, try these table topics to engage in conversation and learn a little about each other!

10 Ways to Protect your kids Against Identity Theft This is becoming a serious problem and parents need to secure their house and teach their kids about phishing and identity scams.

6-4-2008 News for Parents New viral weezer video, meditation in school, academic pressures, polygamy photos, cyberbullying film, youth mediators…

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12 Laws that All Young Drivers Should Know I made a list of all the laws that teens seem to forget–or have no idea exist and often break. Make sure you kids know driving around an empty parking lot is not legal!

6 Tips Help Your 20 Something Get A Job The job market and job search today is rapidly changing and lots of college grads are stuck with nothing to do and no idea what they want, forward this post along to those parents of the jobless!

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