Great Parenting Articles By Barbara Correa

My guest post this week is a series of my favorite articles by Barbara Correa writer for Los Angeles Daily News and L.A Mama Blog.  I have been following her articles for a while and include some in my weekly news round-up and wanted to share some helpful ones with you.

Parents Swear Kids Cuss More

Getting Through the Holidays with Teenagers

Top Ten Signs You Are Not Taking Care of Yourself

Summer Camps for Budding Rock Stars, Princesses and Cooks You can find it all!

IRS Can Come After Parents for Nanny Tax! I know–for real!

9 Rules of Airline Travel

Leaving Kids Alone in the Car…happens more than you would think

This one is fun: (and I am guilty of doing this to my boyfriend when we watch movies!) Wives Put Cold Feet On Husbands




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