6-13-2008 My Posts from the Week

Ohhh eerie Friday the 13th, hopefully none of you are superstitious!

Looking for a Summer Intern Yes, this is a great opportunity for an aspiring writer/online marketer/blogger, forward along please!

My Ultimate Pre-College Guide for Freshman My favorite tips for packing, last minute book ideas and safety advice.

Striving for Perfection: 10 Ways to Stop Feeling Guilty The race to be perfect for teen girls and mothers alike is causing everyone to suffer. I am struggling with this issue in my own life, here are some suggestions and stories.

10 Things that Make Teens Feel Good Inside Just for fun, happiness tips for your kids!

6-11-08 News for Parents Sexting, In the Motherhood Show, tough babysitting situations, online doctors, father’s day gift guide.

Great Parenting Articles by Barbara Correa She is an awesome writer for the LA Daily News and here are some of her great articles for parents.

Mom Humor: Life with a Teen Girl

How to Set Privacy Settings on Social Networks Here I do a screencast demonstration of how to set your kid’s privacy settings.

Have a great weekend!


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