6-18-2008 News for Parents

yup…thats me holding the ball! Click here to read about my fabulous Father’s Day workout at 02 Max Fitness!

Breaking News

What is going on with Miley Cyrus, talk about a cry for help: New racy photos.

NYTimes: Drunkorexia: Girls combining alcohol, binging and not eating.

Kids Who See Dead People

Teenagers Really Only Spending 11.5 Hours a Week Online-Less that most adults!

Articles of Interest

Gay Brains Structured like the Opposite Sex

Jonas Brothers are IT this Summer

MSNBC: Dads: What If Your Kid Likes Mommy Better?

Richest Tween Celebs

Teen Female Athletes and Periods

Forbes Top 100 People: Year of the Tween?

US Top 5 Social Networking Sites

Vanessa’s Picks of the Week

News Groper Hillarious fake blogs by celebrities and political features.

Trendcentral Many of you wonder how I am able to keep up with some many websites and trends. Trendcentral is a G-dsend and I love all of their finds!

My interview with MomScoop

Socialmonks.com They have a great message and some funny stuff!

Book of the Week

It is summer and I am an avid reader so I am encouraging all of my wonderful readers and their families to soak up the novel love. I also have so many great colleagues and friends with amazing books I want to promote for them! My first Book of the Week is:

Love this book, great and funny stories about parenting: Laughing and Learning by Gayle Trent

Now available! The Dirt E-Secrets of an Internet Kid an ebook by Vanessa Van Petten. Find out what kids are doing online, on cell phones and on social networks. Stay a step ahead of your kids by learning from them! How to set privacy settings, manage aim, view a private MySpace page and much, much more!

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