6-20-2008 My Articles From the Week

Happy Summer!

Enjoy some posts from the week:

Teen Talk Stew Video: Teen Road Rage I am doing my own little teen talk show for 5 minutes each.  This is meant to be funny…I hope it is = )

Healthy Living Tips For Kids and Teens [Guest Post]

6-18-2008 News for Parents Drunkorexia, Miley Cyrus Racy Photos, Gay Brains, Tween Celebs, Jonas Brothers, Teen Female Athletes, Forbes Top 100

8 Arguments the Public School vs Private School Debate Here I discuss the differences from the kid perspective and you can comment on the post, already some heated comments.

10 Qualities of Teacup Parenting: Is Your Kid too Fragile? I worked really hard on this article and think this ‘syndrome’ is far mroe widespread that we beleive.  Please read it and send me any comments.

6 Ways to Communicate Clearly With Your Teen [Guest Post]

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