6-25-2008 News For Parents

I am now writing for Drug Free America’s blog and just did a post about a new Teen Alcohol Trend: Taking Vodka Shots by pouring it into your eyes…yes I really saw people doing this.


Breaking News

Friend or Foe: Balancing the Good and Bad of Social Networks

Jamie Lynn Spears Has A Baby Girl

MSNBC: Teen Mom Warned Teen Pregnancy Pact Girls

Articles of Interest

NYTimes: So Young, So Techy Oy, we have a lot of gadgets, and I still want more, more, more!

MySpace or Facebook? (Techmamas)

Global Youth Culture (PSFK)

Time: Photo Essays of a Teenage Cowboy

Midwest Teen Sex Show (R) Video: “The Penis”

Vanessa’s Picks of the Week

Felony Charges for Teen Hackers

(Momlogic) Mom Forces Kids to Have Sex

GeekDad Podcast this week

Teddy Scares…as in Teddy Bears but they are scary.  This is the cutest gift idea I have seen in a long time, I want to give them as joke gifts to my friends who are going away to college.

Book of the Week

What Every 21st Century Parent Needs to Know
by Debra Haffner

My 02 Max Posts

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