6-27-2008 Posts from the Week

6 Ways the Mommy Mob Sucks “My Cupcakes Are Better Than Yours” This is a funny post for anyone who has an uber-mom in their life…you know those women who rack up volunteer points like they are rainbows in heaven?

4 Ways to Be Safe This Summer I recently had a break in in my community and wanted to post some neighborhood and community safety tips for families.

What Would America’s Next Top Mommy Look Like? [Humor] Could Martha be Tyra? How about MJ for Ms J?

America’s Next Top Mommy Contest Do you know someone who would be a great next top mommy? I am holding my own contest…even with prizes!

6-25-2008 News for Parents Teen alcohol trend pouring vodka shots into their eyes. Pregnancy pact, teen hackers, geekdads.

Can Teens Sue their Parents? This is my brief coverage of the Canadian girl who sued her parents!

Mom Blog Makeover For all of my mom bloggers I will be doing a few teleclasses for understanding how to use social networks, blog traffic and how to get more parent readers.  For anyone who is looking to increase parent traffic!

Teen Tuesday Yes! I now have 6 teen writers as my interns ranging from 13-17.  They are fabulous and willing to open up and give parenting advice to all of you! Their articles topics are really great and they will be posting every Tuesday.  Here are some of their brief bios. (I am still taking applications for boys especially!)

Do you need a blog makeover? Are you trying to get more traffic or parent readers? Check out Vanessa’s mom blog makover and teleclasses!

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