My 10 Over-Achiever Tips for Teens This Summer

Oh boy, the kids are at home, my sisters are scrounging with nothing to do.  I thought it was time for a little 10 tips post!  Most of these are academically geared because I think summer is great time to relax and to get ahead.

…most teens have no problem with the relaxing part, but need some help with the motivational part. = )

1. SAT Prep

Yes, summer is the best time for this.  Get an SAT Review Book and just start going over vocab and taking practice tests.

2. PSAT Prep

Truly, the sooner you start the better.  Bring it on the airplane or just do some of the flashcards together!  Get a really basic PSAT Review Book.

3. Play Smart

Obsession alert: I love Cahooties. They are like old school MASH games but with a new age twist.  I got a bunch of them and love the Democrat/Republican ones to get teens and kids interested and talking about the elections. Great summer gift! (good for long car rides as well!)

4. Jobs are Great for Skill Building

Check out my previous teen job posts or go to  Let teens earn some money working and build up their resumes.

Getting Your 20 something a job

How to raise career savvy kids

10 Summer Job Ideas

5. Get Homework Helpers

Everyone has a weak subject.  With my clients I do 30 minutes of Homework Helpers per session on their tough subject and it works fabulously! I love their math ones!

6. Practice Writing

I mean, I am a writer so I might be a bit biased, but I think that writing is one of the most important skills to have.  I love the Everything Guide to Writing Research Papers by Cathy Spalding. Do some of their practice assignments and print out some of their tips for the school year.

7. Play the SAT: SAT Game for Dummies

[Picture of my family and I playing] When I saw this game I jumped on it for my sisters and all of my SAT prepping clients. I played this weekend (yes, I did make my family play on Father’s Day) and overall it is a great idea. We had a little bit of trouble figuring out the directions and us non-SAT prepping players had some trouble. Our conclusion was that if you have a group of teens or you want to have a few SAT nights for your kids and their friends, this is a great buy. Much better than some of those books!

8. Do College Research

I think it is always good to do some campus tours while you are on summer break.  I also love College Prowler which has great little books on each school. They also do a great Big Book of Colleges 2008.

9. Start the Admissions Process

I recently read College Admissions Together by Steven Roy Goodman and Andrea Leiman and really liked it.  I think rising freshman and older should really begin to think about how they want to tackle college admissions, build resumes and organize themselves.

Now is the time for you and your kids to start thinking about their values, priorities and ideas about college and careers.  Try talking with these over dinner: (love table topics)

Is your current school too big or too small?

Is religion important to you, would you want a religious school?

How would you be voting in the upcoming presidential election? Do you think you would want to be in a school that had a political student body?

What clubs are you in now? What clubs would you join in school?

10) For Youngins: Let’s Get Ready Series

I love these books if you have young kids the Let’s Get Ready for Kindergarten by Linda Desimowich and Stacey Kannenberg and Let’s Get Ready for First Grade are really great preppers for younger kids and can be good to do this summer so they get a little head start.

This post is not meant to pressure you into being an over-achiever, just to be able to take advantage of summer and give you some of my favorites! Additions in the comments?

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