Teen Fashion Trends

My teen intern, Samantha will be keeping all of us up on Teen Fashion trends every WEdensday with my news posts, very cool! Samantha is a 17-year-old aspiring fashion journalist who lives in the O.C.

Aspiring to be a fashion journalist, I would like to inform teens and parents on the fashion trends that our sweeping the globe.

1) Gladiator Sandals

The new trend hit late spring, early summer. These Gladiator sandals can be found at any department or brand store. They can be worn with blue jean shorts and either a long sleeve with a scarf, a tank with some long necklaces and a big purse, or a regular t-shirt with threaded and/or beaded bracelets. Also, the sandals can be worn with summer or chic dresses, and with jeans.

2) Summer Scarves

Scarves are most commonly known in the summer and fall. Now, with the summer sun shining, summer scarves are coming back, but with a cooler summer style. These scarves can be worn day or night. Paired with jeans and a tank or a dress, summer scarves are hitting the clubs and catwalks. Some great accessories that go perfectly with these scarves would be bangles-which can either be big and bulky, or small and noisy. Another great accessory that pairs beautifully with this trend would be a purse.-big or small, it does not matter. Summer scarves are not only found in women’s closets, but in men’s closets as well. These scarves can be found in any department or brand name store, such as Forever 21, The Gap, Macy’s, Nordstrom’s, etc.

3) Motorcycle Jackets

One of my favorite trends of the summer would have to be the use of motorcycle jackets. Most commonly worn by motorcycle riders, motorcycle jackets have taken the fashion industry by storm. These wonderful jackets can be paired with a chic dress and heels, or with jeans and an unfitted shirt that has a summer scarf draped and wrapped around the neck. My favorite way to wear my motorcycle jacket would be to wear my jean shorts that I purchased from Forever 21, with a vintage tank that I got from a relative, with necklaces and a ring, or bangles and a ring, or whichever way you would like to pair your jewelry. And depending on the weather, I would bring a light summer scarf just in case. I love wearing flats or my gladiator sandals with my jacket…very chic.

All in all, fashion trends don’t have to be waited for; you should invent them according to your own personal style. You may never know, I might be writing about your style trend someday.

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