10 Obnoxious Trends of a Hollywood Teen

I had to do a shout out to all of my homies in Los Angeles…no, I don’t really speak like that.  This weekend I went to have brunch in Beverly Hills and was sitting next to a big table of teens.

After completely eavesdropping on their conversation and checking out their clothing, I decided to conjure up the memories of my own teendom in Hollywood to write this post.  One thing I noticed (besides their general lewdness) was the fact that there are a lot of trends going in and out very quickly.

This is just for fun:

1. Out: Fake avatars
In: Real-life lap dogs

2.  Out: Black nail polish
In: French Tips

3. Out: Baby-T’s
In: Baby Bumps

4. Out: Spotting celebrities while partying in Hollywood
In: Going out with celebrities in Hollywood

5. Out: Starring in your own YouTube Video
In: Starring in your own Reality show

6. Out: Highlighted Hair
In: Hair extensions

7. Out: Spray Tan
In: Sunset Tan

8. Out: Twittering
In: Plurking

9. Out: Texting
In: Sexting

10. Out: Volunteering at the local soup kitchen
In: Micro-finance loans

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