7-4-2008 Posts From the Week

Happy Fourth of July!

Here are my posts from the week:

My 10 Over Achiever Tips for Teens This Summer We all need to do a little summer prep work, here are my books and tips for getting ahead this summer. Plane studying anyone?

10 Obnoxious Trends of a Hollywood Teen Just for fun, many of you might recognize the hair extensions and lap dog trends!

7-2-2008 News for Parents Potter Pals, drinking with your teens, summer brain drain, best places to raise a family, Baby Borrowers show, young sex offenders…

Is Your Kid a Toasty or a Teacup Part II of Teacup Parenting

10 Tips for Teens with ADD or ADHD Co-written by myself and some friends and clients with ADD and ADHD for your benefit!

Teen Articles:

New Weekly Column: Teen Fashion Trends by Samantha

E.T(een) Phone Home: 8 Tips to Get Your Teens to Call Home

10 Steps Towards Building Your Self-Esteem

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Have a great weekend, be safe!

Vanessa and Team

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