Coolest Free Websites for Non-Geeks Part II

For all of you technopeasants and non-techies alike, here is Part II of the coolest free websites on the web.  As I mostly have busy parent readers, I know that they love to know about cool sites, but just do not have time to find them.

My last post got over 100,000 views! So be sure to check that out, add your own in the comments, submit more to me for Part III and forward this along to anyone who needs some very awesome–and geeky, but not complicated sites!

1. MindMeister

I love mind mapping.  This is helpful for personal use like journaling, school projects and work stuff.  Have fun!

2. AbsurdlyCool

On a coolest free site post, I have to have a free stuff aggregator: “Freebie Finder is an automated free stuff aggregator. It is designed it to collect free stuff offers from top freebie sites, while filtering out most scams and referral pyramids.”  I saw a free chicken suit on here!

3. ThinkBase

For those of you interested in trends and marketing: “Thinkbase is a new way to navigate and explore information on the web. It is what we call a ‘Visual Wiki’. Thinkbase uses a visualization tool to create an interactive visual representation of the semantic relationships in Freebase.” In english: it lets you see trends and things that are related on the web.

4. MuxTape

For all of you music lovers, or music enthusiasts who have no idea what music to buy, this is a really cool way to see what other people are listening to and the other types of music they like.  Great way to discover new driving/workout/cleaning music.


This is a platform for social groups to get together. Use it for any purpose. Choose your template and pick all the modules that you want (wiki, blogs, photos, links etc). And get your group web site without waiting.  I love this, because it is similar to wetpaint and ning, but even easier.  Want to start a school club? Business group? Neighborhod project? This is perfect.

6. LocateTV

My mom gets hysterical when our TIVO deletes a show and she does not know how to get it.  This is a great service for finding any show with any actor, title movie you want! Great for stalking celebrity crushes…

7. WEBook

Ob.sess.ion.  I love this idea.  “WEbook is an online publishing platform that allows writers, editors, reviewers, illustrators and others to join forces to create great works of fiction and non-fiction, thrillers and essays, short stories, children’s books…” You can read the coolest book and short story colllaborations.  Are you always starting a book but never finishing? This is the place for you!

8. Care

For my parent peeps, here is a site to find babysitters, petsitters, nannies etc etc etc.  Makes life easier.

9. Pinger and Jott

Pinger and Jott are very similar, I use Jott, but they both seem great.  This really saves you so much time  Every business peson reading this should use it! They are instant voice messaging for your mobile phone. You can dictate voice messages directly to someone (or yourself) instantly. I do it in the car when I do not have pen and paper or when I can’t write anything down.

10. DotHomes

The “Google of real estate searching” it has several cool features such as an intelligent one-box search function, watch video tours where available, password-less saving functionality and user proper search terms. Cool for real estate junkies.

11. Trendrr and Trendpedia

Another really cool way to track trends visually.  Could be really good for marketers or website owners to see you trends in your industry are doing and could look very impressive in presentations.  I like to follow what is happening on my websites with these tools.

12. Bigthink

For smarties! This has direct, unfiltered interviews with today’s leading thinkers, movers and shakers. You can search them by question or by topic, and, best of all, respond in kind.  Love the serious and informative topics on literally everything!

13. RescueTime

I make some of my procrastinator clients use this to realize where all of their time and energy is going.  If you need to use your time more efficiently this could be an interesting process for you.

14. OurMilkMoney

Cute name right? “Whether you are looking for a service in your area, such as a realtor, seamstress, or dog groomer, every day things like household cleaning products, and make-up, or a creative gift for a friend or family member… we’ve got what you are looking for!  Each product and service is offered by a self-employed parent, so you will be contributing to a FAMILY.” Love it!

15. Rehash

The economy might be down, but that does not mean you still can’t get new…or slightly used stuff.  This site lets you swap clothes, books, music and much more.  Very hippie Web 2.0.

16. SearchMe

Ohhh cool.  I searched “Vanessa Van Petten’ and all of my profiles and sites come up!  It shows you the pages you get before you have to click.  It gives you a picture of the webpage instead of just links and titles so you can see what you are going to click on without having to click on it! Great if you are constantly doing searches online and hate wasting your clicks on scammers!

17. WhenIsGood

I am constantly trying to find times and days to have meetings or conference calls and I always end up having like 40 emails back and forth.  This tool is so so so much better and makes it easy to plan mutually good times.

18. Ecocho and Green Maven and Greenona
Talk about searching and making a difference..For every 1000 searches on Ecocho they counter balance or “offset” a ton of greenhouse gases. Green maven encourages other green websites and greenona is another green search engine.

19. TalkShoe

This has hosted Community Calls that can be discussions, conversations, talk shows and podcasts. Recorded Community Calls can be listened to, downloaded, or subscribed to. Easy and great for almost any type of business!

20. Spokeo

For social network addicts, this is a great way to stay updated on all of your friend profiles from across the web on every social site you can think of so you do not have to keep visiting different sites to stay in the loop…could save time and could kill time, think before making the leap.

21. GeoHive

If you are ever in need of statistics or just want to browse some weird facts, this is a great site.  I recommend it to a lot of my students who are doing research.

22. How Stuff Works and Videojug

(Reader Submitted!) An oldie, but goody.  Quick and easy videos on how to do anything!

23. Useless Graphics

Kind of ghetto looking, but a bunch of free graphics and clip art can be great for presentations and projects.

Submit some more to me or in the comments!

Stay tuned for Part III!

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3 Responses to “Coolest Free Websites for Non-Geeks Part II”

  1. Parcy K
    July 10, 2008 at 10:40 pm #

    Another cool site for finding mutual times is ScheduleOnce. The advantage over when is good is the easy interface in the end, after everyone replied to the meeting they sum it in a table so you can right away see who’s coming and when.

  2. Roo
    July 11, 2008 at 2:33 pm #

    You forgot my website :( Surely it is the most useful, cool and *positively groovy* website of all.

  3. Scott
    August 5, 2008 at 4:06 pm #

    There are some really cool sites on this list. The first one you did has some I had heard of before, but most of these are totally new for me. Thanks for putting this together!

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