7-11-2008 My Posts From the Week

Hi Everyone!

Thanks to all of my parent bloggers who joined my blog makeover teleclass yesterday it was great, I already have some sign-ups for the next one, let me know if you are interested!

Teen Trend: 7 Reasons Why It’s Cool to Pretend Be Bisexual Yes, this is the new wave.  Everyone is bisexual and a lot of teens are now pretending to be bisexual or gay because it is the ‘cool’ thing to do.

5 Self-Care Essentials for Parents [Guest Post]

Healthy Junk Food [Guest Post]

25 Coolest Free Websites for Non-Techies This is part II of my first post of coolest websites because so many parents ask me about what websites and free resources they should know about online, here they are, keep up with the times!

7-9-2008 News for Parents Miley Cyrus is an unsustainable resource (the Onion),

My Teen Intern’s Articles

They never cease to amaze me!

5 Ways Moms Can Bond with their Male Offspring This is really helpful for all of you moms with boys!

Teen Trend Column: Clothes are Blooming

Check your Arrogance At The Door: The Best Quality for a Teen Boy

Popular Teen Joke Has Broader Sexual Meanings

Reverse Psychology and Teens

Should You Let Your Teen Date? Advice From A Teen

Have a fabulous weekend, I am in San Francisco at YPulse conference with Symantec, but will keep the posts coming,

Dream big, work hard and you will get there,


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