15 Ice Breakers and Party Games for Teens

Ice breakers are fabulous.  I use them whenever I speak or run groups and find that parents can use them to engage kids and their friends when they have parties pr kids over!

1. Personality Tests
Teens love to get to know themselves and their friends with fun personality tests like this color quiz.

2. Human Bingo
Make a bunch of paper squares or flashcards with a name of a person playing and a question. The players must find that teen and ask him or her to sign the square and answer the question. The first person to get 5 squares done wins a candybar.

3. Interviews
Each teen interviews the teen next to him or her for 2 minutes and then introduces the teen to the group. I would give out a list of questions for them to work off of.

4. Would you rather…?

Gross and funny questions of would you rather are great party starters.  Have one side of the room be one answer and the other side be the other answer and have them switch sides depending on their choice and then they can easily see who would rather eat their own puke or eat a dead bug.

5. I never ever
Give each of teen in a circle 10 jellybeans or pennies. In turn, each teen tells something they have never done. Anyone who has done it gives the speaker one of his or her pennies. After going around the circle twice, the person with the most jellybeans or pennies wins. For example: I have never traveled outside to Europe. I have never eaten thai food. I have never played the piano.

6. Two Truths and a Lie
In turn, teens each tell two true things and one false thing about themselves. The group tries to guess which one is the lie.

7. Famous People
Tape names of famous people on the teens’ backs. They have to ask each other yes or no questions until they can guess who they are.  For example: Am I a man? Am I a singer? The trick is the can only ask one question to each person.

8. Human Pizza
This works well for a larger group of teens. Make cards for all the ingredients of a pizza, as many copies as needed so each teen is an ingredient. Tape the cards to the teens’ backs and they must assemble themselves in small groups, each with all the ingredients and toppings of a pizze by asking each other yes and no questions.

9. Memory Tray

Put out objects on a tray and people have to list all that was on theirs after only looking for 30 seconds, bonus points for descriptions.

10. Password Game

How well do you know each other’s minds?  Think of one word and then say another one word clue.  For example, if you wanted them to guess ‘rose’ you could say flower and hope the first flower they think of is a rose.

11. Knots

Have everyone clump together and hold hands, then make them work out a circle without breaking hands.

12. Shoes in a Pile

Have everyone put their shoes in a pile, people get to pick one and then find the match.

13. Toilet Paper

Pass around a toilet paper roll, have teens take as little or as much as they want then they have to tell something about themselves for every piece of toilet paper they have.

14. Lines

Have them line up by birthday order, age, height without talking!

15. Secret Lingo

No one can speak or hold up numbers with their hands, but everyone is given a number and they have to put themselves in correct order using a secret language they make-up.

Here is a great list of fun improv games too if your teens are very melodramatic!  I had an improv birthday once and it was great.  Have a funny uncle or aunt be game master if you think your kid will nto relax around you.

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