Two Teen Show Reviews

The Secret Life of the American Teenager Sucks

My Not Pick of the Week: I do not mean to be harsh.  I do not like giving negative reviews, I try to stick with the “if you do not have something nice to say do not say it at all,” but this one really gets me going.  The Secret Life of the American Teenager makes me want to shoot myself in the face.  I think it is one of the worst shows ever made.  It is poorly, written, poorly casted, poorly scripted, poorly conceived and is a waste of time and space.  Please do not watch this show, if you do, do not take it seriously.  It portrays teens in a terrible, stereotypical and unrealistic light.  I am going to keep watching because, unfortunately for my few remaining brain cells left after watching this show, I have a friend who is working with the show (they know my feelings).  I will keep you posted if it gets better.

Queen Bees Makes Me Sad

Perhaps it is worth a watch, but really it is just sad.  I wonder if girls watching will be more encouraged to act like this? These girls are spoiled, mean, selfish and egotistical.  I really wonder how their parents allow them to leave the house with mouths like that.  I would be so embarrassed if I was there mother or father.  I am curious to see whether the girls will actually reform.

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