Teen Trend: Peter and Judd

Nate is a 16 year-old living in Los Angeles, CA and he writes his own awesome blog at Naterocks.com.

It all starts with someone who knows the secret, then it spreads and before you know it even the teachers are sitting there, waiting to trick the unsuspecting. Victims watch in fear and horror while Peter (or Jud) is able to recall every detail of their lives and even tell the victim what they are wearing.

The websites “Peter Answers” and “Ask Jud” have started to spread across schools like wildfire and have quickly become a fun way for teens to scare their friends into thinking that all of their personal information is unsafe. Teens can go to Peter’s or Jud’s website with friends watching and if they know the super secret method of telling Peter or Jud what to say then they will be able to trick their friends, teachers, and family. Having had this trick played on me I can say from experience that it is not fun to be the victim, but that this is a relatively harmless prank and that it is hard to keep up for long (especially if there are people looking at the keyboard). However I recommend never giving any personal information to Jud because while Peter has a good privacy policy, Jud does not.

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  1. Jud Stephenson
    August 1, 2008 at 12:18 pm #

    haha, privacy policy? I don’t keep a record of the information, although it would be nice to find out the answers to all of the “who will I marry” questions I’m sure everyone always asks.


  2. Jud Stephenson
    August 1, 2008 at 12:18 pm #

    P.S. – Its “Jud” not “Judd”

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