7-16-2009 News for Parents

**I have a new Cyberbullying Article Featured on America Learns, please check it out and pass it along!**


Webisodes and Internet TV shows are IT for teens right now.  Here is one popular show called “Dorm Life”

Breaking News

Google Has New Social Avatars

10 Signs Dad’s Can’t Slack Off

Should Disruptive Kids Be Removed From Flights

The Star: Are We the Dumbest Generation?

Articles of Interest

DrugFree America: Teens Injecting Alcohol Into Fruit (an article by me!)

MSNBC: Kid-Sick Parents Hate to Let Kids Go To Camp

MomLogic: 10 Reasons I Hate My Kids

Helicopter Are Parents As Kids Are Gone

Vanessa’s Picks of the Week

Soar Study Skills by Susan Woodcock Kruger People often ask me about how to learn study skills and where I get a lot of my homework tips, this is a great book and CD set I have used and would recommend it to anyone looking to do some self-help for study skills with their kids.

Self-Directed Children Love this article from parenting intuitive Tara Paterson.

I was on Dr Matt Gomes Podcast, give it a listen!

I was on Momscoop again!

Book of the Week

The Edge: A Leadership Story

By Bea Fields.  I have a lot of young entrepreneur readers, bloggers and business people.  I love Bea Fields and her show Y Talk.  Her book is fabulous for anyone in any leadership position or for young people to make a difference.

Some Interesting Links about Drugs and Alcohol:

45% of Young Drinkers Ages 12 to 14 Get Alcohol Free from Adult Family Members or Take From Home CESAR Fax

Alcohol: Do you know if you’re safe to drive? Newsday

Binge Drinking Tied To Conditions In The College Environment Science Daily

His Service Ended, but the Battles Raged On The New York Times

Awareness: 2 Questions to Identify Future Smokers The New York Times

Access Is Key to Kids’ Decision to Smoke HealthDay News

Some U.S. DVDs to Carry Anti – Smoking Ads Reuters

BLOG: Sex Ed For Parents—At the Office U.S. News & World Report

Taking Teenagers Out for a (Supervised) Spin The New York Times

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