The Laws of Teen Dating: Tween Inter-Sex Life

Disclaimer: I just bring what I hear to you, the terms below are sometimes mean, often lewd and I typically disagree with.

I remember explaining to my mom 6 years ago that just because we were dating, doesn’t mean he was my boyfriend.  The rules of teen dating seem to constantly change and vary by school, region and religion.
Here are some new (and awful) teen dating terms I have heard used recently by some of my teen clients and teen interns.

Bagger Hagger– Usually an unfortunate looking or homely girl or boy who ‘no one would want to date.’  Derives from the phrase “so ugly you had to put a bag over her head.”

A Fortress– Another word for a hot prude.  A secured fortress, in other words, you can’t penetrate the walls.

Non-Sexual Crush– This is usually someone who you really like or admire, but not in a sexual way.  Often used when describing members of the same sex.

Crush– Yup still use this word for someone you like.  (Do not say squeeze).  I am also hearing a lot “I have a mild infatuation or I am moderately obsessed with ___.”

F*** Buddy and/or Friend with Benefits– We have heard this one before, this is someone you are friends with, but you often hook-up with (in a non-exclusive relationship).

CyberBoyfriend CyberGirlfriend– I hear more and more of my younger clients telling me that they have a cyberboyfriend on Club Penguin or MySpace.  This is usually someone that you have never met, but you have cybersex or tell each other your love one another in IM, email or chatrooms.

Boyperson/ Girlperson– Not a boyfriend, not a friend with benefits. This is when two teens are in a relationship with someone, but the terms (exclusive, non-exclusive, friends only) have not yet been defined.

Hook-Up– Usually someone who you have had sexual relations (anything from kissing to sex) once or twice, or have infrequent or irregular hook-ups without commitment.

Boyfriend/Girlfriend– Exclusive relationship with physical contact.

My Baby’s Daddy/Momma– “This is, like, a totally, like serious relationship.  Like, I am going to marry this person.”

Just FYI on Sexting as well.  Sexting is when people use their cell phones to text back and forth sexy/nude pictures of themselves and send messages describing sexual acts.  Much like cybersex via text.

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  1. Andrei
    July 25, 2008 at 3:51 pm #

    This is great informations, to this day i still use all these terms, i like the term CyberBoyfriend CyberGirlfriend this one is new to me, i find your site very internesting and when i have a child of my own i will make sure your blog is in his favorites.

  2. Vanessa
    July 27, 2008 at 3:13 pm #


    Hey thanks a bunch, I am glad you like it, if you know anyone with teens please be sure to forward it on = )


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