7-18-2008 Posts From the Week

Happy Friday,

I know many of you are out of town this week, so hopefully you can save this email of links!  Many of you know I was travelling this week.  Courtesy of fabulous Symantec, I went to YPulse conference and will be attending BlogHer tomorrow!

Twitter me if you are going (vvanpetten) or email me (manager@scienceofpeople.com).

What you might have missed this week:

**I have a new Cyberbullying Article Featured on America Learns, please check it out and pass it along!**

The Laws of Teen Dating: Tween Inter-Sex life Here I go over some popular sexual terms and trends including sexting and what is inter-sex anyway?

7-16-2008 News for Parents A round-up of articles on underage drug use and alcohol use, cyberbullying, slacker kids, going off to camp, kids on flights…

Win a Vespa! Seriously, it takes five minutes to submit.

It’s All Food and Games [Guest Post]

15 Ice Breakers and Party Games for Teens I love plaing games with teens because you learn a lot about them, they learn a lot about themselves and each other and they are great jumping off points for discussion and bonding.

Moms: How to Personalize Your Space [Guest Post]

Teen Articles

Teenage Love Affairs Great article on how teen romance can get really serious, really fast.

Teen Trend: Peter and Judd Oy, thanks Nate wasn’t aware of this one.

Every Girl Wants to Marry a Vampire YES! I am obsessed with Twilight and Juliette hit it perfectly on the head with this teen dating trend.

Rebellious No More Samantha talks about her time of rebelling and acting out…very good insight for parents.

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