7-30-2008 News for Parents: NEW VERSION

I am now co-writing this post with one of my fabulous teen writers, Shannon, who wants to go into journalism to bring you a more complete and interesting parent news round-up.  Isn’t she awesome–she also made up some new categories for you.



I often show videos like this to kids when talking about how they need to network, take care of themselves and present themselves especially for college interviews.  I think it is also just really funny.



Yahoo Tech: Waterproof Your Kid’s cellphone

NYTimes: Answers from Iraqi Teens

NYTimes: Friends, Friends With Benefits and the Benefits of the Local Mall

NYTimes: Safe Driving for Teens

Teen Trend Alert: with the rise of Twilight and vampire culture for teens, there is a new pilot coming out this TV season called Tru Blood about vampires.  Here is one of their promos (I think they are really selling a drink now called Tru Blood for the show).


Yahoo News: Shia LaBeouf arrested for DUI

Yahoo News: ‘Gossip Girl’ will launch new racy promos

Independent: How to Tame a Teenage Tearaway

Fosters; Warning! Teen chatting

Newsweek: Teen Pregnancy, Hollywood Style

CNN:  Teen defies the odds

Study: Girls Feel Pressure to Grow-Up Fast


*This category was Shannon’s idea, but I think these stories are great to either forward on to your kids or get them talking in the car or at the dinner table.

MSNBC: Teen Pregnancy Pact

AOL News: Eight foot long snake found in washing machine

AOL News: Men sentenced for setting friend’s crotch ablaze

Asylum: Man is Electrocuted while Urinating in Public

Asylum: Bad Tans and Scorching Sunburns–The Blistering Truth

Shannon’s Faves

Yahoo OMG: A Day in the Life of the Jonas Brothers

NBC Sports: Whine of the Week

MSNBC: Styled in the slammer: Japan’s new fashion trend

YahooMovies: Dark Knight sets an amazing record

SportsFilter: Michelle Wie Disqualified for Scorecard Gaffe

Teen/Tween HeartThrobs-Through the Years

Vanessa’s Faves

Qvisory that is dedicated to helping young adults with their money, work, and health concerns.

Five Moms Stop Cough Medicine Abuse! I think this is a really important issue, that people do not usually address.  I have heard many teens call it “Robotripping.”

Norton Cyber Smackdown Love this new challenge for kids to test their online safety smarts and a good way for parents to gauge how much their kids know…and don’t! You might want to check it out with them.

Cool Opportunity: My Beauty Camp and Retin-A Micro® Pump are teaming up with ELLEgirl.com to send four lucky girls on a 5-day trip to My Beauty camp in Santa Monica, CA. (free to enter too) enter here.

Just found the cutest blog by the Children’s Museum in Easton on a variety of topics ranging from the parenting world–rising gas prices, to the summer brain drain, to our Summer Drop-in Days, and they have research from what is being talked about in other parent blogs. Suggests many great activities and webpages for kids as well.

Books of the Week

A story of redemption and spiritual survival against the odds, French Pond Road features Anthony Catlin’s characteristic dead-on portrayals of people, young and old, living on hope and under the radar.Anthony Catlin is a writer, teacher and farmer living in New Hampshire.

Girls Inc. Presents: YOU’RE AMAZING! A No-Pressure Guide to Being Your Best Self by Claire Mysko In The Supergirl Dilemma, a recent report commissioned by Girls Incorporated, more than 1,000 girls in grades 3-12 shared stories of feeling increasing pressure to be perfect all of the time. YOU’RE AMAZING! A No-Pressure Guide to Being Your Best Self is the first guide to help girls give up the quest to be “super” and start celebrating what makes them amazing!

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