8-1-2008 Posts from the Week

Happy August!

Cotton Candy Friends: 6 Ways Net-Gen Relationships are Changing This is my favorite article this week and I speak a lot about it.  How is Facebook and IMing changing friendships and what can parents do about it? Please read and give me your thoughts in the comments.

6 Ways for Students and Parents to Effectively Multitask Multitasking skills are becoming essential to life with the advent of IM, email, Facebook, Homework, Phone, Texting…..learn how to do it effectively and talk to your kids about listening to music, IMing and studying at the same time.

Important News for Parents NEW VERSION Much more comprehensive news coverage for you, written now by one of my aspiring journalist teen writers, Shannon.

Teens Oral Sex and Herpes (Guest Post) There has been a recent rise in teen herpes caused from oral sex, here my teen sex ed specialist gives a little update for parents.

Mommy Guilt: How to Stop the Parent Anger Cycle I think this is an important article about how many parents go through the guilt, anger, rage, pity and resentment in their household when kids and parents do not get along after fights.

Teen Articles

Teen Virtual Relationships

Attack of the Teen Clones

The Pros and Cons of Teen Partying

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