8-8-2008 My Articles from the Week


My family got a puppy!!!!!!!!!!! Her name is Peanut (she is 2.5 pounds and will grow to be about 7). a.dor.a.ble.

…and My articles from the week:

What Kind of Kid Do You Have? 4 Types of Millenial Kids If you liked my Teacup Parenting article, you will like this one! My most popular speaking engagement topic.

4 Ways to Deal with Information Overload Multitasking, 40 blogs, 26 email newsletters…the list goes on and so does the information.  Many people are complaining these days about having too many options, too much information.  How do you teach your kids to sift through all of the information?

8-6-2008 Important News for Busy Parents New pool germ, texting injuries, hearing loss, prescription drug abuse, Mobile Allowance.

What to Do About Mean Girls This is a great guest post by Shannon Hutton.  Cliques and girl bullies are frightening for girls.  How can parents deal with mean girls?

How to Permanently Change Your Kids Bad Habits Do they throw their trash on the floor, don’t wash dishes or curse? Here are some ideas for stopping bad habits and routines.

Teen Articles

The Ins and Outs of Politics for Teens

Many of my teens are on vaca this month, they will be back soon!

I will be doing two speaking events out of town next week, but the posts will keep coming!

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