Teen Influencers

As you all know I have a great group of teen writers and interns who are practicing writing and learning about doing business online.  They, along with many of my private clients have been a great influence for me and source of information for my parent readers.

I thought I should let you, my readers know that I have just started a private group on Facebook for many, what I call “teen influencers.”  It is run by one of my teen interns and we are inviting teens who we think have great insight into current teen trends, behavior and current events.

What I will be doing with this group is submitting questions, forums and ideas to them and asking for their feedback for me to give to you and some of the research I am doing for a book proposal I am working on about teens today.

For them, I hope it will be an easy and fun place where they can share their opinons–and they will be valued and will give them resume value.  I will be getting to know each member personally and because the group will be run by my company, Boost for Youth, they can put teen consultant on their apps and resumes.

The reason I am telling you this is

-I try to keep my readers in the loop with projects I am working on.

-If you would like to help me run or manage this group to get some teen insight, I am looking for some adults to help run it with me.

-If you have a child who was not into writing (and did not want to do one of my teen internships) this could be another option for them.

-If you know any other teens who you think would be interested (we are working with sponsors to incentivize the program even more with free goodies and possible payment) please let me know.

Email me!

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