Teens and the Jonas Brothers: “Music’s in my soul, I can hear it”

I love my music ! by shankar, shiv.
Shannon is a 16 year old from Maryland. She enjoys writing, is pro recycling, and loves the Jonas Brothers.
Everyone knows that boy bands are a craze that sweeps the nation on a constant basis. Currently, we’re all going bananas over the Jonas Brothers. I myself have quite the obsession with them. But after attending their concert last week, I rediscovered another fabulous obsession that I have–it’s with live music. So, for my article this week I’ve decided to give you a play-by-play of my night because it wasn’t just a fantastic concert experience, but also one of the best nights of my summer.
I went to the concert with a good friend of mine, who shares my Jonas obsession. We’d been super excited about their summer tour and even though the tickets were wicked expensive we were completely set on going the minute we heard the JoBros were coming to a city near us.
After an entire summer of waiting, the day finally arrived. We were totally stoked. When we got down to the concert area there were straight up, hardcore Jonas fans EVERYWHERE. It seemed like the entire city of Baltimore had been hit with Jonas Mania. It was an absolute frenzy! You’ve never seen this many lovestruck girls in your life. Waves of screams washes over the area continuously like clock work. The street was jam-packed with females of all ages and races, all dolled up and ready to rock out. Each and every fan was milling around, super excited, just dying to catch the smallest glimpse of the boys.

My friend and I leaned against the locked entry doors, admiring the crazy creative tee-shirts. Almost every girl there was where one that she had personally designed for herself. All included super gorgeous pictures, dreamy song lyrics, and catchy or humorous sayings meant to catch the guys’ attention. These included: “Joe, feel free to fall on me anytime!”, “Nick, marry me. Kay thanks!”, and my personal favorite “The Jonas Brothers are as tight as their pants!”. We even ran into some girls who made custom ‘Jonas Academy‘ school girl uniforms, complete with the plaid skirt and blazer with the JB logo on it. Insanity.

Since the show didn’t start for another two hours we decided that we should get friendly with security. I think that’s one of the best moves you can make when you attend a concert. Connections are connections are connections. I’ve found that staff and security are usually both warm and responsive. They quite enjoy chatting and are stocked full of amusing stories about previous concerts they’ve worked. It’s a fun way to kill time before the show, plus you never know what types of favors a smile and friendly conversation can lead to. In my experience, having buddies in security has resulted in getting up close and personal with the band–every groupie’s dream come true.

We chilled and chatted with our new security friend until the crowd by the entrance died down. By that time we just had to get inside. We linked hands and tore into the building, speeding through security and then gushing over our fabulous seats. When the lights finally dimmed my heart was racing a million miles a minute.

The opening act was okay, but you could tell that the crowd really just wanted to speed through to the main event.

At 8:02 the lights cut off and the arena went pitch black. The volume was unbelievable. The screaming was so intense I could feel my eardrums vibrating. You could taste the excitement. My hands were shaking at this point, and I was so excited I thought I might split open at the seams. Then there two flames shot up out of the stage and the bass started. I could feel it in my chest, pulsing through my body. The arena roared with anticipation. Suddenly a platform rose out of the stage holding the three most gorgeous teenage boys I’ve ever seen. The music started and the concert began.

It was an intensely amazing night, involving beautiful boy voices, best friends, and a lot of dancing.You could feel the fans’ energy empowering the band, making their preformance even more exhilarating.When it was over, my lungs felt like they were going to burst into flames and my throat ached from all the screaming but it didn’t matter. I was just happy to be a part of the magic. It was fantastic. I wish I could just rewind and relive it over and over again.

Music has this incredible power over people. It has the ability to get all the way inside of us, right down to the very core of our beings. A universal language that brings all types of people together, uniting us in a way nothing else Hearing it live is one of my favorite things in the entire world.
I lovelovelove live music. The feeling it gives you is absolutely electrifying. Tingling with excitement, screaming until you have nothing left, dancing badly and not caring. The thrill you get when the band emerges and the music begins to play. The carefree moments you spend completely inside the song, falling in love with music all over again. It’s ridiculously amazing. More than words could ever encompass. I wish I could catch it in a bottle and bring it out whenever I feel blue. It’s the best natural high there is. Clearly I’m still hyped up on it. And it feels lovely.

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  1. Suzette
    August 14, 2008 at 9:09 am #

    Great post! No self-respecting tween can ignore the draw of the Jonas Brothers’ music. My daughter, and our household, has been gripped by OJD, with no cure insight!

    I’ve written about these Jersey boys quite a bit, and understand the obsession.

    Visit my blog at http://www.mamarazziknowsbest.com to read and see photos of JB.

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