8-15-2008 My Articles From the Week

I am co-writing with some of my other teen interns:

Best Mom Blogs Part II

Best Blogs for Dads

Best Teen and Kid Bloggers. 

Submit yours or your favorites! manager@scienceofpeople.com

Teen Influencers As you know I am always looking to encourage blossoming writers and entrepreneurs.  I am starting a private group for teens who think they are trendsetters or influencers to comment on current trends, events and ideas.  This will be a place for them to meet others, learn how to express themselves and get some great resume value (I am always looking to create things that help my clients and users get into the jobs/schools they want and get experience!)

Ode to My Internet (my husband) and My Baby (my blog) [Humor] Sometimes it feels like I am married to the web, and the blog is my baby.  Here I wrote a funny poem about this relationship (many people ask me how I spend so much time and energy on my business!)

Cool Parenting Articles and Blogs to Check Out I have a fabulous private social network I run for parent bloggers and family online website owners and I am going to start to feature many of their posts and blogs that I think you will like.

The Teen Commandments A great guest post by Julie Dolan of the Satellite Sisters who lists “nothing god happens after midnight” and “find your son or daughter and adult friend” as some of the best tips I have heard in a while!

Teen Articles

Books Everyone Should Read by Age ____ I loved writing this post.  I got together with all of my interns and had them pick 3 or 4 books they think everyone should read by their age.  We went up to 23 (my age) and are now having parents add their books in the comments!

Teens and the Jonas Brothers Shannon writes a great article on how music is for her and her experience at a recent Jonas Brothers concert–if you have a teeny bopper, this article will help you understand their obsession.

8-13-2008 Important News Summary for Parents Current news written and gathered by one of my intern’s and I! Great stuff this week on the Olympics, teens and back to school…

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