Rocky Relationship with Spouses or Teens?

This article is by one of our teen writers: Sarah is a 16 year old girl from Connecticut. She enjoys singing, dancing, and one day would like to be a teen fiction author.
Rocky Relationship with Spouse? You Could Have One with Your Teen

1. We love both parents equally. We don’t want to hear about what you think Dad’s/Mom’s flaws are; the struggle is between you two,not the child and adult.

2. We hear a lot more than you think. We may act like we don’t know what is happening but we do. We’re acting naive because we want to be in denial. If we really saw what was going on our world would fall apart.

3. Don’t become aggressive. If you’re having a bad day we can see that and understand. DO not push us away further if we try to help or make you feel better.

4. We will act moody occasionally. Your struggles cause as much pain for us as you. Expect us to be bitter; it’s not because “we’re just a teen”.

5. Tell the truth. As much as it hurts, hiding the reality of it all will only make things worse.

6. Let us know you love us no matter what happens.

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