Meet Some New Teen Interns


Emma is a high schooler living in North Carolina (yearning to move to NYC.) She wants to be a writer. She believes in fairies.

Name: Emma

Grade: Ninth/Freshman/First year of high school (You get to hear all about my new high school experiences!)

Home state: North Carolina

Favorite movie: I’m currently obsessed with Sweeney Todd, but other favorites are: Titanic, Pride and Prejudice, Phantom of the Opera, Edward Scissorhands, Chicago and What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. (There is a definite trend toward movies with amazing music, Johnny Depp, and Leonardo DiCaprio.)

Favorite website:

Favorite topic to write about: Lovely little teenage idiosyncrasies. Like the slow up and down look that girls give you as they try and use x-ray vision to read the brand name on the tags/labels of your clothes. (Fortunately I cut the tags out of my clothing. I win!)

Biggest misconception about teens: We say “like” and “um” every other word out of pure spite and hatred of adults. Actually, most teens really wish they could stop this habit, but you try spending seven hours a day with teenagers and not pick up this terrible tic.

What I wish all parents knew: It’s really easy for today’s teens to get into situations way beyond what they can handle. Unfortunately, parents rarely can guess/notice what’s going on in their child’s life (frequently because the issue at hand wasn’t around when they were growing up.) Teens need and want (even if they won’t admit it) an adult to help them.


Sarah is a 16 year old girl from Connecticut. She enjoys singing, dancing, and one day would like to be a teen fiction author.

Your Grade: 11

Home State: Connecticut

Favorite movie: Pride & Prejudice

Favorite website: Facebook

Favorite topic to write about: Insight to everyday teen issues

Biggest misconception about teens: All teens are rebellious and are only concerned with superficial things

What you wish all parents knew: If you want us to respect you, respect us

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