8 Things You Didn’t Know About Teens

One of our new teen writers: Sarah is a 16 year old girl from Connecticut. She enjoys singing, dancing, and one day would like to be a teen fiction author.
Otaku? Weird teenagers dancing in a Bangkok shopping mall by Gaetan Lee.

Here’s a list of items most teens would not want you to know:
  1. We secretly have one cartoon/movie/show/game/stuffed animal that we should have grown out of but still love. It’s embarrassing but just like you, we treasure our childhood as well.
  2. We know parents are not the bad guys. We yell and roll our eyes only because you are telling us what we don’t want to hear.
  3. We’ll open up and talk if you promise to listen. Half of the battle is miscommunication. We don’t want to share anything if you’ll be biased and judge us.
  4. Girls want to date the guy parents would approve; we just can’t find him yet.
  5. If we complain about a certain person to excess, we’re in denial that we actually have a crush on this person.
  6. Blasting music = relieving stress/anger
  7. We want the freedom and responsibility but we’re afraid to grow up. Growing up means loosing what we have now.
  8. We love family outings. It’s nice to do things with the people we love (without fighting).

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  1. I think the “without fighting” part is crucial. I hate family outings unless everyone is on their best behavior (rarely)


  2. Yeah, without fighting is crucial..however, there are always exceptions; not everyone is black and white. I wrote this about teens that I know and around the town where I grew up and live.

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