Teens and How to Pass the DMV Test

Nate is a 16 year-old living in Los Angeles, CA and he writes his own awesome blog at Naterocks.com.

One of the most nerve racking parts of being in High School (excluding SAT’s, grades, dating and social problems) is trying to get your driver’s license.  Having failed the DMV driving test twice so far I decided to sit down and find out some ways to be less nervous and to do better than on the test.

  1. The DMV is not your friend.
    When you go to take the test do not expect the DMV to be your friend. Don’t expect your examiner to want to talk with you or even be nice to you. They are not there to help you they are there to see if you can drive. They won’t answer your questions so don’t ask. Think of them as a GPS system, all they will tell you is where to make turns.
  1. While the DMV is not your friend they are also not your enemy.
    Even though the DMV won’t be nice to you, they also won’t go out of their way to be mean to you. The examiner is only there to see if you can drive safely. If you drive fine when you are with your parents and driving instructors then you will be fine when you drive with the DMV, they aren’t there to trick you and won’t ask you to do anything illegal.
  1. Practice, Practice, Practice!
    The best way to get ready for the test is to practice in the area that you are going to take it, in the car that you are planning on taking it in.
  1. Know your DMV.
    Even though the DMV will never be completely nice or kind to you, some DMV offices may be nicer or more lenient that others. For example if you live in Los Angeles, the Santa Monica DMV is a lot meaner than the Winnetka DMV. Ask your friends or use a website like Yelp to see what other people have to say about the DMV office where you want to take your test.
  1. Use the resources that your DMV has to offer.
    Most DMVs have some kind of test prep material on their website. Considering that the DMV has the most experience with the driving test they are probably the best place to go for advice.  Also the California DMV has a youtube channel that may be of help to California residences and Non residences alike.

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  1. jlin
    August 27, 2008 at 2:05 pm #

    Nate – Great tips on how to pass the written driving test!

    While safety is very very important on the road, how you drive can also affect your wallet! The way you drive affects your mileage, which could mean spending more $$$ at the gas station. Learning how to drive fuel efficiently is a great skill to have now especially since gas prices are so high.

    I work for the Alliance to Save Energy which has launched the Drive $marter Challenge website which contains over two dozen driving behavior and car maintenance tips, online resources, and a myth busters section. You can enter the specifics about your car on the website, and it will inform you of 6 actions you can take to save money. Check it out – http://www.drivesmarterchallenge.org

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  3. Jessica Love
    January 28, 2009 at 12:35 pm #

    We recently came across your post addressing your experience with the California Department of Motor Vehicles, and we wanted to respond to you directly and provide you with a timely resource for DMV related information. One of the best ways you can learn more about the DMV, its new services and how to get answers is to visit the DMV Web site, http://www.dmv.ca.gov.

    We noticed that you shared DMV related information with your readers. It’s important for California drivers to be aware of DMV services, so we thank you for sharing this information. We’d like to assist you should you choose to share additional information with your readers, so please remember that you can come to us as a resource.

    If you’d like to learn more information or have any questions about how we can help, please feel free to send an email to askdmv@dmv.ca.gov or visit the DMV Web site at http://www.dmv.ca.gov. Thank you!


    Jessica Love
    On behalf of the California DMV

  4. How To Pass The Driving Test
    June 23, 2011 at 6:40 am #

    I have some very handy tips but ultimately its about having confidence and being careful.

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