Co-Viewing TV with Your Kids and Teens

We are all just getting back to school and the new season of shows are coming back on TV.  I wanted to do a brief post inspired by an event I attended last Tuesday night at Jim Henson’s studios.  I got a sneak peak at a new kids show (very young 0-6 year-old) coming out on PBS called Sid the Science Kid.

I was so so so impressed by the show which is based on science curriculum and covers topics like the Senses, Decay, Growth, Backyard Science, health and makes it fun.  I got to see them do the coolest stuff with digital puppetry and the show was amazing.   I also got to play around on their website which is also amazingly interactive.  They had print-outs and a lot of activities for parents to do along with their kids to encourage co-viewing.

This got me thinking about TV shows for teens and tweens and parents watching along.  I have a few tips for the upcoming slot of teen shows.

1. Be Prepared

I would check out some of the new shows coming on for teens and see if you are ok with your kids watching them..some tend to be a bit racy.

2. Ask to Watch With Them (or plan to)

I think watching TV with your kids is really important.  It gives you a chance to see their honest reactions.  And if they say that it is too uncomfortable for you to watch with them…then you can say “if you are uncomfortable watching with me, maybe it is not appropriate?”

3. Ask and Listen

I am going to try to come up with some viewer guides for the upcoming shows like Gossip Girls etc, with some questions you can ask your teens on the breaks or after.  Ask the questions and listen very carefully to their answers, you might be surprised what you hear.

By the way please do let anyone you know about the Sid the Kid premiere on Labor Day on PBS if they have kids in this age range.

**I got to play with the puppets and see a bunch of orginials from the Dinosaurs, 101 Dalmations, Muppets, cool huh?

3 Responses to “Co-Viewing TV with Your Kids and Teens”

  1. Amy Jussel
    August 31, 2008 at 12:17 am #

    Hey Vanessa, this looks very promising! I’ll definitely look into blogging it for Shaping Youth, unless you would like to do a ‘firsthand’ POV yourself with your full impression? (or will you be adding that here later?)

    Meanwhile, what’ s the L.A. buzz on the America the Beautiful Documentary opening there last week? I’m trying to kick-start it into high gear up here at the S.F. premiere this weekend, but it’s hard being Labor Day wkend as everyone’s out & about and/or away! Here’s my post about it.
    I also interviewed the director Friday so will feature it soon…ping me if you add more to Sid, ‘k?

    p.s. Along the science/math lines, I just bought “Kiss My Math” (Danica McKellar’s sequel to Math Doesn’t Suck) for pre-algebra. We’re going to start a middle-school ‘mind over math’ yoga/math club using all of Danica’s offerings in one little ‘beta test’ to see if we can get some ‘stickiness’ with reticent mathletes…Will let you know!

    ttys, Amy

  2. Vanessa
    September 2, 2008 at 10:15 pm #

    post your POV here please, would love to hear how you liked it! I’ll check out America the Beautiful as well.

    Ugh, i hated math, maybe something like that would have made it better for me


  3. Stephani Nanz
    October 31, 2010 at 6:29 pm #

    When are we going to discuss matters without name calling.

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