Dream and Success Worksheet for Your Family

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While working with parents and kids, I have learned quite quickly that most dreams that parents have for their kids are not so wild, in fact they really all boil down to one concept:

Happiness before success.

Most of us, including myself, believe that if you are happy that is success.   I wanted to put together a little worksheet for my readers similar to the one I do with my teen clients.  If you feel like it, print this out, fill it up and talk about it with your family.

1) Who is the most successful person you know (are acquainted with)? What qualities make them successful?

2) Who do you think is the most successful historical figure? What qualities make them successful?

3) What would make your child a ‘successful’ adult?

4) Is your perception of your own child’s success the same as it is for other people’s children when they are adults?

5) What are the top 3 values you hope your children have?

Feel free to put your answers in the comments.

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