The 10 Worst and Best Things to Say to a Stressed Out Mom

I was in the airport recently and witnessed two unfortunate children say all of the wrong things to their extremely overtired, over-baggaged and overstressed mother.  Print this out, put it on your fridge and add your own in the comments.

The 10 Worst to Say to a Stressed Mom

1) “It’s not that big of a deal”

2) “Is this because of your diet?”

3) “I have to go to the Bathroom…really bad”


5) “What do you think about me getting my belly button pierced?”

6) “I think Dad is in the bedroom talking to his secretary.”

7) “Those pants do not really fit you anymore, huh?”

8) “I don’t know where Tommy is,..Was I supposed to be watching him?”

9)  “What’s wrong now?”

10) “Are we there yet?”

The 10 Best Things to Say to a Stressed Mom

1) “How can I help?”

2) “Do you want to take a nap while I _____ for you?”

3) “Thank you for your help with everything.”

4) “I really appreciate the help you gave me on my homework this weekend.”

5) “Dad told me to tell you he loves you.”

6) “Just tell me what to do and I will do it.”

7) “Why don’t I watch Tommy while you get a coffee.”

8) “You look nice today.”

9) “I forgot to tell you I got an A on my science test.”

10) “I love you.”

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