A Parent’s Guide to Watching 90210 with Your Teen

Did you watch 90210 Tuesday night with your teen? Or maybe they watched it without you.  If they watched it alone, you missed a great opportunity.  I have mentioned before I will be providing some parent viewer guides to some of the teen drama’s this TV season because I think that watching TV with your kids can be one of the best opportunities to start discussions and gauge their opinions on important issues in their lives.

Before I give you some discussion points on the new 90210, let me point out a few of my observations:

-Um, hello product placement for Macbook Air and Pepsi.  Could they be anymore obvious?

-The girls are ridiculously, ridiculously, skeletal skinny.  We were watching last night and were hurting at how skinny their bodies were and huge their heads were.

-No one drops as many books in real life for the “oops, you dropped this effect.”

-During their lunch period, the main character was eating a side salad and a Dr Pepper while her friend had a coffee for lunch.

Questions Parents Should Ask Teens About the New 90210

Are people really doing and selling pills?

What’s ‘a hang’?

Who is your favorite character?

Which character can you most relate to?

Do any of the characters in the new 90210 remind you of your friends?

If you sent a mean text message would you try to apologize to that person?

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