9-3-2008 Important News for Parents of Teens

News Brought to you by one of our fabulous teen writers: Shannon is a 16 year old from Maryland. She enjoys writing, is pro recycling, and loves the Jonas Brothers.

Video of the Week


Sprinting…in Stilettos

Breaking News

Community Colleges Boom as Economy Weakens

Palin Daughter Highlights Teen Pregnancy Dilemma

Teen Suicides dip, worry rate remains high

“Blitz” is a smartphone for tweens

Campus Alcohol Abuse Can Turn Deadly

Addiction Doesn’t Discriminate? Wrong

Articles of Interest

Not Selling on iTunes

How to Pack for College Without an 18-Wheeler

Preparing Teens for the Challenges of Life

Safely setting ‘tweens & teens loose

Three steps to help protect teens

Smoking Worse for Women?

‘Brow Raising

Robot Helicopter Teaches Itself How to Fly

Japan police fooled by life-size doll

NYC man charged with selling stolen bras on Web

Shannon’s Faves

Top 6 Myths About Bottled Water

“The American Teen”

Nastia Liukin Joins Tween Social Network, Beacon Street Girls

Vanessa’s Faves

Love Hopeworks Videos:


Readers and RSS explained in Plain English (I constantly explain to people about google reader to manage information overload and this is a great explanation)

8 Videos to Get a Teacher’s Inspiration Flowing

Most Popular Websites for Kids

37 Days This is a blog that answers the question: What would you do if you had 37 Days left to live? The writer lost her step-father just 37 days after he was diagnosed with lung cancer.

Talked Today on the Vic Mccarty Show about how teens are handling Sarah Palin’s daughter’s pregnancy

Book of the Week

Teen Girls and Technology
by Leslie Farmer

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