9-5-2008 Articles from the Week

A Parent’s Guide to Watching the New 90210 Have you seen the new “Gossip Girls” for LA? Well, that is how I am referring to it.  If your teen is watching this, you should too, or at least know the right questions to ask—its a great opportunity to talk.

10 Best and Worst Things to Say to a Stressed Out Mom This is a fun post about what I think my moms would not like me to say to them when they are stressed.

9-3-2008 Important News for Parents Campus alcohol, steroids, ITunes, my radio stuff, The American Teen, Teacher videos

Dream and Success Worksheet for Your Family What are your kids goals, how do they value success?

Lower the Drinking Age: A Teen’s Perspective What do teen’s think about this controversial issue?

5 Ways to Harness Your Sanctimommy and Daddy Time Do you need more time to relax? Now that it is back to school season make sure you are taking enough time for you!

How to Make Your School Lunches More Green [Guest Post]

How to Co-View TV with Your Teens and Tweens It is pilot season after-all, this week I talk a lot about parental control and TV.

Get-to-know-me-image-of-the-week: Went bowling this week and saw an amazing John WIlliams concert at the Hollywood Bowl!

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