9-12-2008 Articles from the Week

**I have just booked my speaking tour in New York City/Connecticut Area from October 26th through October 30th, I am beginning to book additional speaking engagements, parent coffees and interviews.  If you are interested please let me know and I would love to meet you or your group!**

What Moms Need to Know About Sarah Palin I try not to get into politics on my blog, but I think this is a really important topic.

Back-to-School Special: Five Ways to Stop Stressin’ 16 year-old Shannon gives her tips on back-to-school stuff!

6 Ways to Be a Parental Sounding Board It is so important to know how to listen to your kids.  Knowing how to listen is the best way to get them talk.

The 10 Strongest Values to Teach Kids What are the top values you want your kids to have when they get older? I listed the 10 I want to have for my kids.

9-10-2008 Important News for Parents This Week

6 Ways a Backpack Is a Mirror into the Teen Soul Is your kid a pocket-packer? How about a hoarder? I see A LOT OF BACKPACKS.  What your kid’s backpack says about them.

We have come a long way with our Teen Trendsetter Program. See our Flier (or text below).

Have you ever seen a commercial, movie or product that is meant for teens, but is totally awful–and you wanted to tell someone? Here is your chance!

This group is for teens who want to express their opinions, ideas and advice about teen trends, teens and their parents and anything that youth are going through today. We have carefully selected you as a teen influencor.  The group is secret for a reason, your answers will be given to thousands of parents, adults and companies around the world (anonymously of course)

Benefits for you:
-You can finally express your ideas and opinions to people who will listen and disseminate them on a large scale.
-You can put on your college application/resume that you worked as a teen influencor under Boost for Youth (we often give recommendations)
-Practice expressing and writing out your opinions
-Access to interesting trends before they come out

Teen Writers

If you want to practice reaching out directly to the audience, you can apply to be a teen writer.  Teen wrtiers actually write 1 to 4 articles per month on any teen trend of their choice or can pick from a bank of assigned topics.  Your work can be published under your name or anonymously.

Teen Advisors

Teen advisors start by simply answering one question a week submitted on our Facebook group.  They can also submit their own questions.  Teen writers will often use teen advisors answers to complete articles.
This is an easy way to make your voice heard, we are very flexible on the amount of time you put into this project and how many articles you wish to write–but it will always be great exposure, awesome practice and a cool opportunity.

How to Apply:

Simply send us your name, age, location and why you want to be a Teen Writer or Teen Advisor (You can always decide to switch later) and a writing sample (like an English or History paper) to manager@scienceofpeople.com.

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